xyltech fence 

The beauty of the XylTECH® composite fences makes them ideal for creating an enclosed area that is pleasing to the eye and eco-friendly and that even the neighbours will appreciate!


The XylTECH® fence boards can be selected from 3 available colours in order to fit in with the general harmony of the garden or the exterior cladding of the house.They are smooth on one side and grooved on the other, creating a nice view.They can be fitted in just a few hours with the matching XylTECH® accessories and require no maintenance, so that you can enjoy some real privacy for many years to come. 

Practical information:
• The XylTECH® fence boards must be stored indoors, flat, away from direct sunlight and in a well-ventilated place (protected by an
    opaque film).
• 24 Hours prior to installation, the boards must be stored outside.
• Do not mount fences over 1.30 m in height on prepainted metal post support
• Our fence boards and aluminium posts can withstand wind speeds of 120 km/h for 1.30 m high panels mounted on prepainted
metal post support and for 1.80 m high panels mounted on a concrete slab.