Xyltech hollow cladding ( Traditional )

Acting as a real second skin for a home, the cladding has a decorative or even restorative function that is easy to implement using the XylTECH® material.
Available with a brushed surface, the XylTECH® cladding is laid on previously fitted battens, using start profile and all the appropriate XylTECH® accessories.
The XylTECH® cladding is made of a high-quality composite material. It has unique and unparalleled properties thanks to its formulation and extrusion process.

xyltech modern cladding

Ideal for external home, office, commercial building renovations or redecoration XylTECH modern cladding can turn any old dated building into a new elegant decorative building. You decide the gaps between the boards. Available in 4 colours Redwood, Chocolate, Ebony or Teak. 

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