XylTECH® Product Ranges 

The XylTECH® brand is synominal with ECO technology and harvesting the natural wood and fibres and mixing with plastics to make first class innovative products. Please click on the image for detailed information. 

NEW!!! CO EXTRUDED Composite

Superior long lasting quality

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XylTECH - Decking boards and profiles

As beautiful as wood and as practical as plastic

Xyltech decking boards are suitable for commercial and residential applications. The benefits of the XylTECH® boards include • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable• Respectful of the environment• No deforestation• Aesthetic finish• Invisible fittings• Option to dismantle one board at a time• Durable and lightweight• No twisting, no cracking and no splinters.• Does not go grey: the colour of the product fades slightly during the 6-month period (approximately) after fitting before stabilising• Rot proof (withstands fungus, termites and wood insects)• Does not absorb water• Excellent grip even when wet• Quick and easy installation and maintenance• Can be worked like wood (using the same tools).

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XylTECH Composite panel is A revolutionary new lightweight plant fibre plastic composite panel, which has a smooth outer skin and a hard cellular structure.Ideal for the construction, leisure, furniture and visual communication industries.

XylTECH Composite Cladding

Easy to fit, original, decorative

Acting as a real second skin for a home, the cladding has a decorative or even restorative function that is easy to implement using the XylTECH® material.
Available with a brushed surface, the XylTECH® cladding is laid on previously fitted battens, using start profile and all the appropriate XylTECH® accessories. The XylTECH® cladding is made of a high-quality composite material.

It has unique and unparalleled properties thanks to its formulation and extrusion process.

XylTECH Fencing

Aesthetic, Durable, easy to install

The beauty of the XylTECH® composite fences makes them ideal for creating an enclosed area that is pleasing to the eye and eco-friendly and that even the neighbours will appreciate. 
The XylTECH® fence boards can be selected from 3 available colours in order to fit in with the general harmony of the garden or the exterior cladding of the house.
They are smooth on one side and grooved on the other, creating a nice view. They can be fitted in just a few hours with the matching XylTECH® accessories and require no maintenance, so that you can enjoy some real privacy for many years to come.

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