Co-Extruded Xyltech Decking Boards


Superior wood appearance - Extremely hard-wearing – Scratch and stain resistant - Embossed & Brushed appearance - 360’ Co Extrusion Coating – Latest technology










With its secret armour the Xyltech co ex decking is superior to any standard WPC decking. Its impermeable surface won’t allow stains because they can’t be absorbed, making it VERY easy to clean and low maintenance.  This exterior shell also keeps out the weather but keeps they beauty & colour locked inside.


Available in a honeycomb or solid profile, two colours ebony & steel grey.

Brushed or non-brushed appearance.









Oak Wood Powder +/- 60%

High density polyethylene: +/- 30%

Additives: +/- 3%

Fillers: +/- 4.8%

UV Stabilizers: +/- 0.2%

Pigments: +/- 2%